The Tuatha dé Danann – Pt.2

“Dia Dhuit, my prince.” Niamh cooed to Oisin as he entered their sleeping quarters.

Oisin beamed a smile and spoke, “My Niamh… How is the newest?” He looked toward their newborn in Niamh’s arms. It had been 3 years since he returned to Tír na nÓg with her, and this pale, wispy-haired boy was now their third child.

The Tuatha dé Danann – Pt.1

Niamh was now the furthest from her home that she had ever been… She decided to allow it, out of respect for the horse — it had been locked up for more than a week and was currently galloping with all of its strength. This was no ordinary horse, it was her father’s greatest treasure, “Aonbharr of the flowing mane.” A stallion that could run freely on water or land, and since Niamh was a little girl, she had adored this beautiful creature. Perhaps she identified with it, as it too was wild and often restrained… More specifically, held back by her father…


On the east side of the Aegean Sea, there was an elevated region and amidst the densest forest within it was a mountain, known as Mount Nysa. On the outskirts of this sacred mountain, was a sparse village, in which lived a young vibrant girl, named Amethyste. She was gentle, quiet and had a simple life with her grandmother, making earthen pots for the locals. The only thing, other than work, Amethyste did was pray to the Goddess of the Hunt, Artemis…

Robin Goodfellow

Sometimes, I take for granted this place’s beauty… I mean, it’s really remarkable, especially if it is compared to those filthy hovels humans make, he-he. I joke, but I mean…

Rhinemaidens’ Gold

Alberich had been walking “top-side” for several days now. It was rather uncomfortable for him, being in the light that is… As a dwarf of the Eastern Mines, a Nibelung, he had rarely seen the sun his whole life.