Medusa’s Revenge

It had been decades since her transformation. At this point, Medusa had almost entirely forgotten what she had once looked like… But, what she did remember, was more like a recollection of a beautiful painting — it didn’t feel personal at all…

With a Heavy Heart and Leg

The God of Wine had the distinction in the Greek Pantheon as the only deity, ever, to be half mortal. Ironically, it was the story of his mortal mother though, Semele, that became the most enduring tale of Dionysus throughout the ages…

Labor of Love

It was the moment of truth… The two swordsmiths, Ganjiang and Moye, had toiled for nearly three months now. Thus far, they were pleased with their results but working with “sky iron” had taken its toll.

The Festival

It was an especially peaceful day in the forest, but night was fast approaching. Yukionna was on her way home from a little stream at which she liked to spend her time. It stayed unfrozen during the winter and many of the animals went to it to get water. She liked to watch them as they did.


The ground violently shuddered…enough so, that even the colossal giants, weighed down with their crude armor, struggled to maintain their footing.

Dracula’s Betrayal

It had been months, but the castle had miraculously held off the Empire’s advances thus far. The enemies’ siege was trying to starve out the villagers within Count Dracula’s walls, and it was beginning to seem that they may succeed.